Thank you for letting us know about your book! 

As you might imagine, bookstores are inundated every day with requests to purchase books for their inventory, many titles by unknown or lesser-known authors.

In recent years, the self-publishing movement has given writers an opportunity to share their work beyond traditional publishing methods. In many ways, it’s an exciting time because now anyone can publish anything. 

Unfortunately, now anyone can publish anything.

We at Reads & Company want to support and contribute to the literary landscape of our community and the Philadelphia area. We believe many unknown and lesser-known writers are producing quality work and these writers deserve to be read. We look forward to supporting writers at all levels by offering first-class quality books for our customers to discover.

But we can’t possibly stock everything.

To help us determine which books deserve a spot in our limited shelf space, we’ve established some basic criteria. 

Please use the form below to tell us more about your book and why we should stock it at Reads & Company.


Note 1: we currently do not offer consignment agreements, except on an extremely limited basis (for quality books we have a high degree of confidence will be successful in our store). It is imperative that your book be available through a major distributor.

Note 2: as a new bookshop, we are just getting started with author events/readings/signings. At this time, we are unable offer events to writers with limited track records. If we decide to stock your book and Reader feedback is positive, you may be invited to participate in an author event in the future. For now, please wait for an invitation to do a signing or reading here.


Sincere congratulations on finishing your book! Thank you for letting us know about it. Whether or not we choose to stock your work at Reads & Company, we wish you only the best on your writing journey.

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