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Kelly Simmons - Book Talk, Q&A, Signing

Phoenixville favorite Kelly Simmons returns to Reads & Company to discuss and sign copies of her new book WHERE SHE WENT. We’re Kelly Simmons fans and can’t wait for this one!

More about the book:

Maggie McFarrell is still reeling from her police officer husband's suspicious death when she sends her only child, Emma, off to college. She tries to relax, telling herself that the dread she's feeling is empty-nest-syndrome. But after eighteen years of knowing where her daughter was every minute of every day, sending her out into the world alone is almost unthinkable.

And then, just as Maggie starts to relax and believe that everything is going to be okay, Emma disappears.

Where She Went is a story of letting go, and the secrets that surface when the person keeping them is gone.