Our Approach

Embracing History

We want you to walk into Reads & Company and feel like you’re walking into a bookstore that might have been around for fifty years. With portions of exposed brick, historic lighting elements, an ornate ceiling, and skylights, the physical space itself creates a warm and inviting ambiance. The design elements we’ve added, like new ceiling fans, new flooring, and additional lighting, echo the charm of the location's history.

A dozen of our bookshelves are repurposed from Greetings & Readings, Robb’s childhood hometown bookseller in Baltimore which closed their doors after 50 years in business. We hope to have the same monumental impact on our young Readers. Our light fixtures are the original globes from the candy shop that occupied our space back in the 1950’s. They hadn’t see the light of day for decades. Now they light your way at Reads & Company, in the town of Phoenixville, where the past is always present.

Reflecting Community

On the shelves, of course we have our staff picks and recommendations, but we also feature picks from members of our community – people like the Mayor, the Chairman of the Board of the Historical Society, teachers and students from local schools, and YOU. Reads & Company is a community-minded bookstore. We mean it.

People find diverse representation throughout our shelves. If somebody in our community wants to find a book that interests them, we are a viable option regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation. Many in our community are native Spanish speakers, so we have a Spanish-language section.

Carefully Curating

Like every aspect of Reads & Company, our unique approach to shelving and layout is meant to enhance the book browsing experience. For instance, nonfiction is shelved by type. “Hard” nonfiction like history, biography and science are in the same area. Religion, new age, philosophy and other books that help us find personal truths are together. We have this great section of cooking, poetry, gardening, plays, music and more – the things that enrich our lives – in a bright transitional space in the store.

Another Reads & Company distinction is that our Young Adult (YA) section is not a part of our kids’ section. It is important to us that when somebody browsing the YA section turns around, they’re looking at the end of our fiction section, not picture books, which we believe is more appropriate and respectful to YA readers.

Along with well-known favorite authors, we seek out and feature emerging authors whose work we find to be exceptional. Store sales, author events, and mini-residencies help establish a base for emerging authors in Phoenixville.

Beyond our bookshelves, Reads & Company features a great selection of unusual and hard-to-find "non-book” items that appeal to our fellow book lovers. Come on in, we can't wait to show you our distinct selection, READERS!